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    • Merry Christmas (1 Posts)
    • Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God Bless and God Speed. Russ
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Latest Message: 2 months ago
  • Sanyo : I was going to open up the Nastiest things on the interweb thread again....
  • Shiney : Hands Sanyo Colonial Antiperspirant. Hope this helps with your smelling issue. LOL. Some colonial humor for you.
  • Sanyo : I smell colonials.....
  • KameBastard : Sable Who? lol
  • Sablehawk : My god, you guys are still alive? :P
  • dingleberryd : Banshie prefers gay sex with dwarves...just thought you should know
  • MrKingD81 : Is there some way i can make a small donation for you guys?
  • Has_Delgato : man u are so right how did i forget
  • BaNsHiE : I kicked you so hard you gave the game up for a year
  • Has_Delgato : ill whoop ur old ass
  • BaNsHiE : Bring it punk
  • Has_Delgato : after so many years of being in it, i, still, love playing with you guys
  • Has_Delgato : i still love this clan
  • MadTinybob : Is rocket OK????? not seen him in ages!!!!

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