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    • Please show us your guns (78 Posts)
    • I'm so sorry guys I've been gone for so long but I've been working my ass of and building rifles. The rifle hobby has got me wrapped up pretty tight so most of my time has been spending with guns and...
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Latest Message: 4 months, 1 week ago
  • Sanyo : I smell colonials.....
  • KameBastard : Sable Who? lol
  • Sablehawk : My god, you guys are still alive? :P
  • dingleberryd : Banshie prefers gay sex with dwarves...just thought you should know
  • MrKingD81 : Is there some way i can make a small donation for you guys?
  • Has_Delgato : man u are so right how did i forget
  • BaNsHiE : I kicked you so hard you gave the game up for a year
  • Has_Delgato : ill whoop ur old ass
  • BaNsHiE : Bring it punk
  • Has_Delgato : after so many years of being in it, i, still, love playing with you guys
  • Has_Delgato : i still love this clan
  • MadTinybob : Is rocket OK????? not seen him in ages!!!!
  • Shiney : Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, as well.
  • Shiney : Happy New Years everyone.

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