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Chapter 1 (year: 2002)

From the epic first person shooter Battlefield 1942 the KGB was born. Destined to rule the battlefield, the bastards have bred some of the finest players, epic pilots, and crack shot tank divisions.

Servers for the KGB were established running Desert Combat Mods for 1942. Years of game play and experience have shown us that this is and always will be a Battlefield clan.

There is no room for call of duty in this elite platoon. After honing our skills and learning the best configurations for fair game play we where finally ready for BF2. 


Chapter 2 (year: 2005)

Hell was unleashed as rocket volleys fell from the sky and bombs pound the ground. The KGB sets fire to anything that moves with horrific tank battles, and teeth grinding dog fights.

BF2 had yet set another scene for the KGB to dominate once more. Running world class rule enforced servers that insured fair game play to all. Our motto at the time was, "Base rapers beware, the KGB is watching you."

Fighting along side with the people that the KGB has recruited will be a pleaser and an honor. BF2 was responsible for bringing together an evolution of the KGB that has made it grow in ways never imaginable.

BF2 now had become the platform for the KGB to grow and expand for many years to come.   


Chapter 3  (year: 2009)

A Monster was created! Hands down Bad Company 2 was the definitive moment for the KGB. Almost instantaneously the KGB has risen to hights that would put us on the map.

It was called the KGB Atacama Desert 24/7 fast re spawn server. A beast, a monster, all frag no lag NUMBER FUCKING ONE SERVER IN THE WORLD BABY!!!!

Once more enforcing the KGB way upside peoples heads. Base rapers beware! Controlled by the best admins and the fairest game play that could be provided. The KGB sore up the ranks to take control of Bad Company 2. For the time our hearts would have to wait and play hard and admin harder for 2 years.

ONCE MORE the KGB recruited some of the finest players and down to earth guys that provided some of the best games ever seen on the killing grounds. The KGB dominated Bad Company 2 honing skills, waiting patiently for the release of Battlefield 3.


Chapter 4  (year: 2011)

KGB and BF3 has done it again.

This has become our future. Severs are top notch, and highly ranked. Providing again a non base rape server that is fun for all who obey our rules. As we face all our Battles ahead, platoon members will continue to work together as a hardcore unit out for blood and glory.

The finest soldiers have enlisted and have recognized proper team play. Admins are still on a rampage to make sure that a battle will never become a rape fest. We move forward now to see what our destiny will become. 

War is Hell on the Killing Grounds
(by Kame B.)


 founder & co-founders







Game HistoryServer History
BF 1942 2002-2004
BF Vietnam n/a
BF 2 2005-2009
BF 2142 n/a
BF BC2 2009-2011
BF 3 2011-today
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