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Admin Rules


  • Warn -> slay -> then kick for rule breakers. If they return and break any other rules (or the same rule), then temp ban. If after the temp ban has expired and they return, if they break the same or another rule again, it is an automatic perm ban.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, call out a possible hacker in in-game chat or TeamSpeak without talking to other admins or higher ups first. Doing so will make it harder to investigate said hacker.
  • Racism in any form is an auto 3-day temp ban without warning
  • All perm and temp bans must be accompanied with the name of the admin issuing the ban and a description of the offence committed. If you do not include either of these, I will unban them the minute I see them.
  • If you ban someone, check forums to see if they post about it. Be ready to support your decision.
  • Do not let a random joiner (a person that you have not seen or know) sit in the lobby of our TeamSpeak server for more than 5 minutes without going up and talking to them and seeing if they respond. Some people may not know that they need to enable push to talk. Also, if they do not respond in text or voice within 10 minutes, kick them. If they come back and continue to not respond, ban them.
  • Do not kick a high ping player. Plug-in will take care of it when server is full.


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