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Member Rules

  • No hacking
  • You must be on TeamSpeak when playing on our servers
  • Be respectful. We are trying to recruit new members. We need to keep our clan image intact
  • Refrain from calling people hackers in in-game chat
  • There is no need to incite people in in-game chat
  • Do not call out suspected hackers. Doing so will make it difficult to investigate said players.


TeamSpeak Rules

  • Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to impersonate someone else. Breaking this rule is a bannable offence
  • Harassment-

We understand that we all call each other names and make jokes or whatever, but there is a limit.

Harassment of other users while in TeamSpeak or on forums will not be permitted at any time. If another user or clan member has asked you to stop, you must leave that user alone. If the harassment continues, it could lead to the offending user or clan member being banned either temporarily or completely from TeamSpeak, the forums, and/or our game servers.

  •  Do your best to not talk over each other
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